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Welcome to the February edition of the Bulletin where you can find the latest on upcoming events, demonstration site news and resources on soil management and plant health in the Australian vegetable industry.


VegNET R&D Updates - biosecurity and surveillance, VIC

Hear from leading researchers and practitioners on the final year results from the vegetable leafminer project, iMapPESTS Sentinel Surveillance project and other biosecurity innovations.

This event is being delivered in conjunction with VegNET Victoria (Northern, Western and South-Eastern).

SAVE THE DATE: Vegetable Crop Nutrition Masterclass 2020, SA

The Vegetable Crop Nutrition Masterclass (1.5 days) is for vegetable growers and agronomists. It will provide you with the knowledge and principles to assist you in developing and managing crop nutrition programs on your farms.

The program is at a Masterclass level, so you need to have at least a basic level of understanding of crop nutrition and its management.


Area Wide Management (AWM) of pests: guidelines and resources

Area Wide Management (AWM) of pests: guidelines and resourcesControlling pest species can be complex. Insect pests can be particularly hard to control due to their mobility and their ability to use different plants as hosts. They may also act as vectors for disease.

One approach to control a pest is Area Wide Management (AWM). There are many definitions of AWM, and the difference between AWM and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can be a bit blurry. 

Below are the basic differences between the two.
  • AWM – growers and stakeholders work together to manage key pest that affects them all, and work in a coordinated way - at an area  wide or regional level (i.e. within a defined geographical area)

  • IPM – each grower / manager applies their own best management practices - at a farm level.

The project team have compiled a great selection of resources to guide your AWM decisions. 

Is there a region where AWM could be an opportunity? If so, let us know. Contact Donna Lucas,


Don’t leave crop productivity and quality to chance – monitor to manage using plant analysis 

Use plant analysis to monitor a crop’s nutrient status and identify deficiencies early before yield and quality are reduced. Make sure that your crops can access available nutrients from soil or substrate: just because nutrients are in the soil, it does not mean they are accessible to plant roots. Don’t wait for visible symptoms of deficit, by then yield and quality are already compromised. Manage early and maximise the value of your vegetable crop!

A new Plant Analysis Guide released next week explains how to use plant analysis to monitor and manage vegetable crop nutrition, benefiting your production system by achieving balanced, site specific nutrient management. 

The Plant Analysis Guide covers how this approach can be used for vegetables and explains how to interpret results for optimum outcomes. Purposes and types of plant analyses are covered, aiding in your selection of the right tools for you and your crops. Sampling methods, desirable nutrient concentrations and interpretation of results are all discussed. 
The Soil Wealth ICP Plant Analysis Guide is available next week. For further information, please contact: Dr Doris Blaesing, 0438 546 487,

Spotlight on soil biology and Integrated Weed Management (IWM)

Each edition we're showcasing news, information and resources on our focus topics for 2020. This month, the role of compost in improving microbial activity and suppressing weeds. 

The 'breakdown' on composts

Recycled Organics for Vegetable Growers

Recycled Organics on a Sydney Spinach Farm

To find out more about the Soil Wealth ICP project visit the website, or join the Soil Wealth ICP Community of Practice online. You can also follow us on Twitter @ProtectingCrops or @SoilWealth for the latest news and updates.

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